Top Poker Hands

The Poker Hand Chart below shows which are the strongest hands and how to play

The Basics of which Poker Hands are strongest :

Top Poker Hands Chart

Download a printable version of this Poker Hand Chart which lists the Top Playable poker hands in Texas Hold’em Poker

This poker hand chart shows the best possible cards and the manner in which to play them when playing Texas Hold’em poker play passive-aggressive to make the most out of your poker game.

The Poker hands above are the top 80 hands that are available in Texas Hold’em and should you play their poker hand according to the poker chart you will minimize you losses and stand a great chance of winning in the long run.

Don’t play your hand on gut feel or go on Tilt ( getting upset with losing a big hand and trying to get it back).

Depending on your personal poker skill level play the top 16 ranked hands in red aggressively the next 16 hands in orange with confidence and the last 40 with caution based on your poker skill level.

If after the flop you don’t have a strong hand fold if you are strong bet accordingly.

Play Poker like a pro, play to win !

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Top hands in poker