Poker Hand Rankings

Poker hands in Texas Hold’em Poker and variations follow the following poker hand rankings guide:

(Highest ranked poker hand to Lowest ranked poker hand)

Highest A,K,Q,10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2 to Lowest Poker Hand Ranking order.

Royal Flush

The Ultimate Poker Hand a Royal Flush beats all !

A Royal Flush is the highest ranking hand in poker and consists of 10,J,Q,K,A all suited.

Straight Flush

Second highest poker ranking hand consists of numerical order and same suite cards. Highest number order straight flush wins the hand.

Four of a Kind

Excellent poker hand and ranks high – four same value cards.

Highest four of a kind wins in the event of a tie.

Full House

Comprises of Three of a Kind and a pair refereed to in this case as kings full nines. The three of a kind highest card is the winner if multiple full-house hands are dealt.


A Flush all cards have the same suite.

Diamonds in this case King high,

Goes by highest card ie. King in this hand


Straight is made up of numerically ordered cards of any suite.

Highest number order wins according to poker hand ranking.

Three of a kind

Three same value cards.

Highest poker hand wins.

Two Pair

Two sets of same value cards.

Highest of the two pairs.


One set of same value cards.

Highest pair.

Less than a Pair

Goes down to card value with Ace being highest and two lowest.

No one suite is higher than another when it comes to Poker Hand Ranking the pot gets split amongst the remaining players at the end of a hand in the event of an exact tie.

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Poker Hand Rankings