Poker Freeroll Tournaments at Partypoker

Poker freeroll Tournaments or Free-roll poker tournaments are competitions or events held at the various online poker sites across the internet to encourage new and existing poker players to play more often a FREEROLL tournament requires no entry fee and in some cases no-deposit is even needed.

Poker Freeroll Tournament set for December

Our partner site are introducing a new monthly newsletter from December, to celebrate the launch of the new poker newsletter we have set up a weekend of exclusive poker-freeroll-tournament series which will be held 6th and 7th of December 2008. These poker freeroll tournaments promise to be a blast for subscribers to WinAllPoker’s monthly poker newsletter and also to those downloading the poker games on offer at this site who will continue to have free access to our series of exclusive poker freeroll events.

Poker Freeroll tournament

Currently scheduled free-roll events include a $200 Titan Poker Freeroll and a $100 Lucky Ace Poker freeroll plus a $500 FullTilt Poker freeroll all with extremely limited player entries, only to those tracked to, or our other partnered sites will be invited, so you stand an excellent chance of winning some serious cash!

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Interested in building up your bankroll ?

PartyPoker have recently launched a new promotion that includes several freerolls for new players to it’s site known as PartyPoker Bankroll Builder where new players get free entry into 3 daily $100 freerolls, the top 50 players advance to the $2,500 weekly freeroll then the top 200 go on to the monthly freeroll which has a $10,000 prize, that’s a total of $30,000 up for grabs at Party Poker. To join PartyPoker’s bankroll builder freeroll promo read more.

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Partypoker freeroll poker tournament

Enter “Free111” to enable your Partypoker freeroll only when there is a PPM Freeroll tournament available or the default Party poker bonus will be assigned automatically.

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