Poker Tips

Top Poker Hands

The Poker Hand Chart below shows which are the strongest hands and how to play

The Basics of which Poker Hands are strongest :

Top Poker Hands Chart

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Poker Hand Rankings

Poker hands in Texas Hold’em Poker and variations follow the following poker hand rankings guide:

(Highest ranked poker hand to Lowest ranked poker hand)

Highest A,K,Q,10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2 to Lowest Poker Hand Ranking order.

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Poker Etiquette & Basic Poker Rules

The Basics of Poker Etiquette

Call the following rules, conventions, or poker etiquette, these are some basic guidelines that are common in all types of poker games, especially poker in card clubs or casinos all of which have house rules to abide by.

While you may find some minor rule variations from one poker room to another, many card casinos are striving toward a uniform set of guidelines and rules to standardize poker.

Play Poker online using Poker Bonus codes

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Popular Online Poker Sites

It truly is amazing how quickly the market and popularity of Texas Hold’em has become and is rapidly continuing to grow ever since the introduction of online internet poker websites and televised Holdem Tournaments.

Television has brought Texas Hold-em Poker to its prime where tournaments are hosted in nearly the same way as major sporting events, Professional Poker players are seen same manner as sports stars and get sponsorships deals and tournament playing fees over and above their poker winnings.

Sure the casino industry has existed for ages but never before has there been such demand for Texas Hold’em people of all ages and places now love playing poker online whether it be for free or real-money poker games, new poker players to pro-poker experts. Regardless of peoples poker skill levels.

There are regular celebrity poker tournaments held on TV, ESPN covered poker tournaments, world poker championships, poker TV ads to name a few. Party Poker is even giving away a Ferrari F430 in a freeroll competition.

As all the top competing popular online poker sites try to gain, retain and improve their relative market positions in this online internet poker rush, you as a poker player can find excellent signup bonuses special offers and sign-up deals all aimed at getting more poker players from all levels of play.

This poker site is dedicated to helping you find the top going buy-in bonuses and sign-up deals from popular established online poker sites.

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Poker Affiliate

How to become an affiliate for poker sites, firstly it’s very easy and one can earn a lot of money doing part time work from home, to sign up use the links situated at the bottom of the page, fill out the form and you will be emailed all the details regarding each poker site.

I have added most of the Poker & Casino sites that I personally promote on several of my own websites, all have proven successful and have been worth the time and effort I put in.

I would suggest to take the commission choice offered by most sites if you intend on making it a full time job or long term reward i.e. PartyPoker the MGR$ over the per RMP as the MGR$ (monthly Gross Revenue percentage) creates a monthly income for you that is more steady than per RMP (Real money player).

Of course if you would prefer you could go in for the quick buck and be paid CPA (Cost per Action(get paid once off for your (RMP’s Real Money Players))) to cover initial expenses associated to setting up your website then change back to revenue sharing plan at a later date.But that’s all your choice, once you log into your PartyPoker affiliate page you will be presented with several option for banners, regular and flash. PartyPoker also offers it’s affiliates the choice to create offline bonus codes that allow you to hand out flyers and Cd’s etc to your potential market.

I would suggest that you create an online and offline bonus for each game offered by partygaming in order to become a successful poker affiliate.Partygaming offers several games to it’s affiliates and by no means are you limited strictly to poker as the affiliate program offers bonuses for all the PartyGaming brands including PartyPoker PartyCasino PartyGammon PartyBingo and Empire Poker with a variety of bonus codes that you can assign to each game.

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Casino Resources Directory

Casino Related Links / (Poker Related Links)

Casino Gaming Reviews
Best Online Casino Gambling Casinos, reviews and ratings of top online casinos, Casino Gaming and Casino games.

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